Since our hospital was founded we have been trying to work according to the palliative care methods. The World Health Care Organization defines palliative care being active and universal care for patients suffering from incurable diseases with the aim to help them maintain their dignity, to make their families and their own lives easier. Palliative care has recently become a separate field in medicine. It focuses on the regulation of the pain, other symptoms, the quality of life and helping the families whose members are suffering from incurable diseases.
           Patients suffering from the last stages of cancer, neuromotoric diseases and coma are the ones who need palliative care most of all. In 2015 these made 47% of the overall number of our patients and 73,9% of the total number who died in our hospital, the index of hospital letality was 41%.
           Our staff meets the medical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the patients. We look after patients who do not need intensive and radical treatment any more, but palliative care only which cannot be guaranteed under home conditions. We consider it very important to maintain the highest possible quality of life for the dying person. We use the following principles of palliative care in our hospital:
           - enhancing the quality of life; conditions to die with dignity;
           - multidisciplinary team work;
           - symptoms control; the patients and his family is a whole;
           - the prophylaxis of “burn out” syndrome.
           This Hospital should not be a place for the pacient to die, but a place for the dying person to live.
           We hope  we have been created the  qualified multidisciplinary palliative care team in our hospital.